Summer Schools

Winter School on Homogeneous Dynamics

Time:Jan. 22- Jan.26, 2024

Venue:SCMS, Fudan University




(Deadline: Nov. 30th)



1. Manfred Einsiedler (Professor, ETH Zurich)

Title: Totally geodesic submanifolds and arithmeticity

Abstract: In this mini course we will discuss the recent theorem of Bader-Fisher-Miller-Stover concerning arithmeticity for hyperbolic manifolds: As conjectured by Reid and McMullen a hyperbolic manifold is arithmetic if and only if there are infinitely many maximal proper totally geodesic submanifolds. This gives a striking connection between the geometry of hyperbolic manifolds and number theory. Moreover the proof uses among other things a crucial input from homogeneous dynamics. We first outline the overall proof structure and then will spend some time discussing the various ingredients.

2. Barak Weiss (Professor, Tel Aviv University)

     Title: Random walks on homogeneous spaces, and Diophantine approximation on fractals

     Abstract: In the last two decades, following breakthrough work of Bourgain-Furman-Lindenstrauss-Mozes and Benoist-Quint, followed by work of Eskin-Mirzakhani, there has been great progress in understanding random walks on homogeneous spaces, and on other related spaces. In work of Simmons-Weiss, Cert-Prohaska-Shi, Dayan-Ganguly-Weiss and forthcoming work of Khalil-Luethi-Weiss, this dynamical input has been used to understand number-theoretic properties of typical points on certain sufficiently regular fractals. I will survey this work, focusing on two main points:

  •   the link between random walks, and number theory;

  •   the main dynamical ideas for analyzing random walks. Specifically, I will give an outline of the exponential drift approach  of Benoist and Quint in the simplest interesting case.


Weixiao Shen

Ronggang Shi 


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Jan. 22 registration; Jan 23-26 Lectures

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