Apply to Organize a Program

Call for proposals

Applying to organize a program:

A two-to-three pages proposal to organize a program must be submitted by a working group of two to three members. It is preferable, though not necessary, that this working group has at least one member from a university in area adjacent to Shanghai. The proposal should be submitted to SCMS at least two years in advance from the beginning of the semester the program is proposed to hold. Please send program proposals to email address:
During the process of selecting the program, the SCMS will contact the working group to fine tuning the proposal.


Suggested format of a program:

The program will be run by the scientific committee of the program, assisted by the administrative personel at SCMS.

A program consists of learning and research period, and workshops period. During the period of learning and research, the program will have a group of senior graduate students and postdocs, in residence, to take part in lecture series, and to organize student learning seminars. The program will also arrange several parallel lecture series, by the leading researchers in the fields.
The workshop period is when the program organizes workshops on specific topics. 


Program support:

The program supports participants at various levels: research professors, researchers, local participants, workshop speakers, postdocs and senior graduate students.

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