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Apply to Participate in 2019 Fall Program of Low-Dimensional Dynamics

Registration deadline: August 15, 2019
Deadline for financial application: July 31, 2019


The program consists of two workshops, lecture series given by invited speakers during the non-workshop weeks, and other seminar talks. The program will also offer basic courses in low dimensional dynamics for graduate students and organize learning seminars for young researchers. The two workshops are

Holomorphic dynamics and related fields (23 –27 Sept.)
Topological and probabilistic methods in low dimensional dynamics (21-25 Oct.)


Financial Support: The Shanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences encourages young scholars and graduate students interested in dynamical systems to participate the program. The center offers financial support to a limited number of junior participants. To apply for financial support, please fill in the attached application form and send it together with your CV to If you are a PhD student or a postdoc fellow, please also ask your advisor or mentor to send a reference letter directly to


The program will send you a letter of invitation once your application is approved.


Please direct your questions to the secretary of 2019 Fall Program on Low Dimensional Dynamics via email:

Address: 2005 Songhu Road, Shanghai, China

Postcode: 200438 Tel: 021-31243880 Fax: 021-31244000


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